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The Actimove Closed Shell Walker offers impressive features. A high quality, rigid outer skeleton ensures high protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Circumferential strapping, a shock absorbing sole and breathable materials provide comfort for the patient. The removable inner sole is washable for patient hygine. Walking with the Actimove Walker products feels natural through the rocker bottom which simulates a physiological gait.

Actimove Air Walker

    • Advanced features for safety and patient care 
      • Circumferential strapping for critical stability
      • Shock absorbing sole and rocker bottom to minimise impact and simulating a natural gait
      • Breathable liner for high wearing comfort
      • Adjustable heel wedge for Achilles tendon injuries (available separately)
      • Adjustable toe guard provides protection in the toe area
      • Inner sole is removable and washable for patient hygine
    • Integrated pump and valve system 
      • Designed to easily adjust desired compression level


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