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The ultimate, mid-wheel drive experience for heavy-duty users.

Now users up to 250 kg can enjoy the Q700 M - but in HD (Heavy Duty). Fitted with new, high-efficient 4 pole performance motors, the Q700 M HD provides the same outdoor performance as the Q700 M without increasing its base size - so it's still just as manoeuvrable indoors! The highly configurable and adjustable SEDEO PRO seating system has been reinforced to accommodate a wider range of seat widths and depths too. Even the armrests and legrests have been strengthened, and footplates extended in size, so you'll find the perfect fit for you. HD shouldn't mean compromising either - that's why you can still enjoy your favourite power options such as recline or 50⁰ of tilt!


Mid-Wheel performance, evolved for HD.

Strengthened with high-efficient 4 pole performance motors, enjoy the proven outdoor stability and performance of the Q700 M - but in sturdy HD! Plus, there's no increase to its slim 622 mm base either, so you get the same ultra-tight indoor manoeuvrability too!


The HD powerchair that doesn't compromise on power options.

Thanks to its reinforced design, the Q700 M HD provides the same 50º of power tilt as the Q700 M, so you can safely optimise your seated position throughout the day to relieve pressure, improve postural support and enhance comfort. Alternatively, you can opt for 90-130º of power recline and either power swing-away or 90-180º centre-mount legrests. Plus, power seat options are accessible at a touch of a button thanks to QUICKIE's patented assignable buttons!

Quickie 700HDM

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