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Ridiculously light, 32 lbs. carbon design. Carbon fibre. Light, but incredibly strong. In fact, some of the lightest things on Earth are made of it, including the Q50 R Carbon - one of the world's lightest carbon folding power wheelchairs. Completely alluring. Completely arresting. And weighing just 32 lbs., its shock value is more than skin deep. The carbon frame can naturally flex over uneven surfaces, providing unique shock-absorbing characteristics to deliver one of the smoothest, most efficient rides around.



Product Width:22" Product Length:36" Seat Width:17" Seat Depth:16.5" Back Height:18" Turning Radius:31.5" Product Information Starting Retail Price:$4750 Performance/Weights Max. Range: 12km (one battery) 24km (with optional additional battery) Max. Speed:6 kph Battery Size:10Ah lithium-ion Drive Wheel Position:Rear Wheel Options: Caster wheel: 6.5" Drive wheel: 8" User Weight Capacity:300 lbs. Product Weight: Chair (without batteries): from 32 lbs. Battery (single): 3 lbs.


Approved for air travel*

Are you planning to travel internationally? You can take the Q50 R Carbon with you since its Lithium-Ion battery is approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for transportation on aircraft.

Quickie Q50r

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