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Our Story


In 2011, Shaileigh was diagnosed with 5Q14.3 Deletion Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder. Due to her condition, doctors claimed that she would never walk and that she would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. With the aid of a kid walk, Shaileigh was able to learn the fundamentals of walking. Upon entering school, she upgraded to a Crocodile walker and is now able to walk independently for short distances.


Although we owe Shaileigh’s success to the aid of her mobility equipment, it has been a long journey with many struggles. We have experienced poor service, resulting in injuries, long wait times for equipment repairs, and periods of time without access to her equipment due to it being away for service. 

At Mobility Equipment Services, we understand first hand how important your equipment is to you and are committed to providing you with the best service possible. No more downtime, no waiting for your equipment, and a mobility service at your door that you can trust.

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Our Family

We are a locally owned, family operated business. At Mobility Equipment Services, family means everything to us. Whether its our family or yours, we provide everyone with the same level of compassion, dedication, and care.

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Our Background

Mobility Equipment Services is comprised of individuals with educational backgrounds in power engineering, healthcare, mechanical/ electrical trades, carpentry, fabrication, workplace safety, accounting and management.

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