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Discover Unparalleled Comfort and Safety with Premium Safety Bathtubs and Conversion Kits

At Mobility Equipment Services, we are committed to providing bathing solutions that enhance safety, comfort, and independence for individuals seeking an exceptional bathing experience. Our remarkable range of products includes:

  • The luxurious Fairmount walk-in bathtub.

  • The relaxing Oasis walk-in bathtub

  • The versatile Door Insert Conversion Kit.

Suppose you've ever wondered how to get into a bathtub safely. In that case, these safety bathtubs are going to offer the perfect solution. Read about each of their features to find out which style will best suit your home and your needs.

Let's explore these innovative options, highlighting their features and benefits, and discover how they can transform your bathing routine.

The Fairmount Walk-In Bathtub: Experience Elegance and Functionality.

Step into a world of comfort and convenience with the Fairmount walk-in bathtub. Its inward-swinging door design combines style and accessibility seamlessly. Let's explore its exceptional features and optional add-ons:

a) High-Flow Taps: The Fairmount tub features high-flow taps that allow for quick filling and efficient drainage, ensuring a hassle-free bathing experience.

b) Durable Construction: Crafted with a stainless steel frame and an acrylic shell, the Fairmount tub is built to last. The aluminum door adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining durability.

c) Quick Drain System: With a 2" quick drain, the Fairmount tub ensures swift and efficient water drainage, minimizing wait times and enhancing convenience.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Heated Water Jets: Soothe your muscles and relax with the warmth of heated water jets, offering a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

  • Warm Air Massage: Indulge in the gentle caress of warm air bubbles, promoting relaxation and improving circulation.

  • Chromatherapy: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing ambiance with customizable LED lights, creating a soothing and therapeutic atmosphere.

  • Heated Seat: Enjoy the luxury of a heated seat, providing warmth and comfort during your bathing sessions.

  • Silicone Pillow: Enhance your comfort with a soft silicone pillow, providing support and relaxation for your head and neck.

  • Shower Door: Convert your walk-in bathtub into a versatile shower enclosure with a convenient shower door option.

  • Water Jet Sanitizer: Maintain hygiene and cleanliness with a water jet sanitizer, ensuring a fresh and sanitized bathing experience.

The Oasis Walk-In Bathtub: Unwind and Rejuvenate

Experience ultimate relaxation with the Oasis walk-in bathtub, designed to offer an indulgent bathing experience. Let's discover its exceptional features:

a) Reclined Back Rest: The Oasis tub features a reclined backrest, allowing you to relax in a comfortable position while enjoying your bath. It offers optimal support and enhances overall relaxation.

b) Standard Features: Like the Fairmount tub, the Oasis walk-in bathtub includes high-flow taps, an aluminum door, a stainless steel frame, and an acrylic shell, ensuring durability and functionality.

Optional Add-Ons: The Oasis tub offers the same optional add-on features as the Fairmount tub, including heated water jets, warm air massage, chromatherapy, heated seat, silicone pillow, shower door, and water jet sanitizer. Tailor your bathing experience to suit your preferences and enjoy personalized comfort.

Door Insert Conversion Kit: Adapt Your Existing Tub

For those seeking a cost-effective solution to transform their existing bathtub into a safe and accessible option, our Door Insert Conversion Kit is the ideal choice. Here are its notable features:

a) Inward-Swinging Door: The Door Insert Conversion Kit provides an inward-swinging door option, ensuring easy entry and exit while maximizing space efficiency in your bathroom.

b) Right or Left-Handed Versions: This versatile conversion kit is available in both right and left-handed versions, catering to your specific bathroom layout and needs.

Our Safety Bathtubs offer a range of exceptional bathing solutions designed to elevate your bathing experience while prioritizing your safety and well-being. Whether you prefer the elegance of the Fairmount walk-in bathtub, the ultimate relaxation provided by the Oasis walk-in bathtub, or the adaptability of the Door Insert Conversion Kit, we have a solution to meet your unique needs.

Our team here at Mobility Equipment Services understands the importance of maintaining your independence and ensuring your well-being. That's why we have meticulously chosen our products with your comfort and safety in mind. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect bathing solution that will revolutionize your daily self-care routine.

Elevate your bathing experience and regain your sense of freedom with Safety Bathtubs. Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort, accessibility, and relaxation. Embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being, starting with the perfect safety bathtub or conversion kit.

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