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Amigo RD 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. (USED)


The Amigo RD Scooter is an excellent 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter made by a reliable manufacturer. This product is made proudly in the USA. The RD is Amigo's rear-wheel-drive scooter that is known for handling well and providing years' worth of hassle-free use. The RD scooter by Amigo is capable of supporting up to 350 lbs with a comfortable 18" wide seat. Customers that have purchased this scooter find it easier to get around both indoors and outdoors. The Amigo RD is a very stable 3-wheel option capable of going very long distances on a full charge. 


The Amigo RD scooter is capable of going 9.5kph and lasting as long as 56km before each full charge The Amigo RD is definitely an excellent choice if you are looking for an indoor electric scooter to use especially inside the house if you have a home with tight turns. The RD has a turning radius of 34" while riding on foam-filled 10.5" rear and 9" front tires in front.


By upgrading your RD to have Shabbat Mode, (This Amigo Has Shabbat Mode) you can enjoy using your scooter even during Shabbat by using a toggle switch that changes the scooter's operation from normal to Shabbat mode. With no throttle lever activation by the rider, the module's timing circuit sets the chair in motion after 7-11 seconds, satisfying the "no work" Sabbath restriction. Each Shabbat Amigo is halachically-approved, individually inspected, and certified by a Zomet representative. You will not want to pass one of the Shabbat Mobility scooter!!! 


All our used and consignment equipment, has been thoroughly cleanned and inspected. 

Batteries have been tested.


Amigo Electric Scooter

SKU: 226253
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