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Stay safe from bathroom slips and falls with the Carex nonslip bath mat. Its unique shape allows the bath tub mat to fit in most bathtubs and showers and be used in absolutely perfect unison with bath seats and transfer benches. Hundreds of suction cups keep the slip-resistant bath mat in place and from coming undone. Small holes throughout the nonslip bath mat keep water from pooling for added safety.

  • Fits in most showers and tubs. The elongated shape of the bath mat rug makes it perfect for most bathrooms. Its shape allows the shower bath mat to be used in unison with most shower seats and transfer benches.
  • Stays in place via suction cups. Hundreds of suction cups keep the narrow bath mat in place. This feature prevents users safe and from tripping.
  • Drainage holes keep water from pooling. Small holes through the rubber bath mat keep water from pooling. This feature ensures users won't be prone to tripping over water build-up.

Carex Bath Mat

SKU: 627394022212
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