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The best seat in the house can be yours. The Maxi Comfort Zero Gravity Power Lift Chair is the ultimate in providing a relaxing and multi positional recliner. While the zero gravity feature does not let you float in the air, we think it’s the next best choice to help reduce muscle tension and back stress. The position was developed by NASA for the astronaut's health and safety. You can also recline with your feet above your heart to aid circulation and help relieve swelling in the lower extremities as you rest. Expert attention has been paid to the design of this power lift chair with special lumbar support allowing you to find a preferred optimum stretch of your whole back.

Golden Technologies offers the top quality power lift chair recliners with multiple sizes for different size individuals. The Maxi Comfort Zero Gravity Lift Chair comes standard with multiple important positions, the most common being TV watching, Sleep, Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg. MaxiComfort is the only seating system that gives you all these positions and lifts you up to a standing position all with the touch of a button. The included “AutoDrive” hand control allows you to easily program memory buttons to save your favorite perfect position for watching TV, taking a nap or other most comfortable or used positions. It comes pre-programed but you can easily change them to your own exact favorites. There is a handy large side pocket to store your remotes, reading material or other items you like to keep in close range to your seat.

Golden Technologies Relaxer with Maxi Comfort

SKU: 191009297
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