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Designed to allow you to remain independent in your home, the M-Grip contoured bed rail allows you to comfortably reposition in bed, and to safely transfer out of bed. 

  • Contoured Grip: MGrip Contoured Bed Rails by MedPro are designed with multiple ergonomic grip positions to help you remain safe in bed and independent in your home.
  • Travel-friendly design: This bed safety rail is easy to assemble, and its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for travel so you can enjoy independence outside of the home.
  • Maximum comfort: The M-Grip's foam contoured handle allows you to comfortably reposition and safely transfer in or out of bed. The M shape makes it easy to grip in multiple positions.
  • Adjustable Height Settings: MGrip Contoured Bed Rail has 2 height settings with crossbars that help prevent entrapment and an adjustable strap with durable steel buckles fits all mattress formats.
  • Durable Design: MGrip Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail is made of durable steel to so you can rely on it for daily use with a weight capacity up to 300 pounds (136.1 kg).

MedPro Contoured Bedside Rail

SKU: 775757756509
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