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Therm-O-Beads™ offers 20 minutes of highly effective hot or cold therapy. With the Temp-Tek™ Innovation, Therm-O-Beads™ offers 2 zones of temperature, a maximum side and a medium side*.

  • Effective Treatment: Quick and effective solution that helps reduce pain. Ideal for muscle aches and pain, spasms, joint stiffness, migraines, sprains, inflammation, bruising and much more.
  • Easy to use: Simply heat Therm-O-Beads in the microwave for a soothing heat therapy or place in the freezer for an ice cold therapy. Ready to use after a workout or when pain arises.
  • Two Temperature Zones: Conforming pearl gel beads help you manipulate the compress easily, allowing you to better target the pain. Features 2 temperature zones for maximum effectiveness. 
    • - Clear side for maximum temperature
    • - Fabric side for medium temperature
  • Reusable and Nontoxic: This gel compress is safe, flexible, easy-to-use and relieves pain even faster than a traditional ice pack.
  • Pain Relief: Therm-O-Beads Back Wrap offers 20 minutes of highly effective hot or cold therapy, providing pain relief that will help you to continue your daily activities

*To avoid burns and frostbites, please follow the instructions.

ProActive Therm-O-Beads Back Wrap

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