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RAM VPL 74" in the picture


Also available is a Ram 51" ,both 750 lb capacity. The51" comes with Electric Locking Gate, Gate locks when going down and stays locked until the platform returns to top position.


Starting at $5000 installed not including electrical.

Prices may vary due to location and preperation


KEY FEATURES Zero-Load Start Design RAM’s patented zero-load-start design allows the motor reach full speed before lifting the load. This unique feature allows for full functionality during extreme weather and extends the life of all power & drive components.


Soft Touch Paddle The patented RAM Soft Touch Paddle controls are oversized and responsive, allowing users to get moving with ease.


Total Customization Customize your Trus-T-Lift’s colours, trim, doors/gate, handrails and more. The lift can also be modified to accommodate three-stops and atypical platform sizes. Easy to Install The Trus-T-Lift comes with easy to manoeuvre components that can be assembled quickly with minimum site preparation.


All-Electric Drive System RA RAM’s field-proven electric drive system is reliable, powerful and whisper-quiet. Plus, no hydraulic fluid = no harsh smells.


All our used and consignment equipment, has been thoroughly cleanned and inspected.


We have in stock, more VPL's and configurartions than the manufacturer . So if gently used is what you are looking for then send us a msg.

RAM TRUS - T (vertical platform lift)

SKU: 0071984
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