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 Introducing the Ultra Lite Scootie Jr.!!  (used)

The Scootie Jr. is only 80 lbs. with batteries, 55 lbs. without batteries.


The Scootie Jr. breaks down easily and the heaviest piece is only 25 lbs.!!! Unlike other travel scooters on the market today, the Scootie Jr. offers a fully padded, pillow top seat with flip-up, width adjustable armrests as standard features. The front basket is also standard.

The quick release battery pack and fold-down tiller allows the user to disassemble the scooter and store it in the trunk or back seat of the smallest car in less than a minuet with no tools!!! Angle adjustable footrests are completely new on the market, and offer the rider the ultimate in adjustability.


Scottie JR

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