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  • U-Shaped DESIGN:Easy to change the position to prevent decubitus and help elderly have a best bed rest and fits the patient's legs better, provides comfortable support, promotes blood circulation and maintains air circulation; the arc design and handles on both sides make the rotation much is convenient use one hand to grasp the side handle of the turning pillow, and the other hand to support the patient's body to turn over. it. Recommended for patients over 80 pounds and under 300 pounds 
  • Healthy No Peculiar smell material:the patient turning device are made of high-quality environmentally friendly PU material and high-quality injection foam board inside,Compared with sponge turning pads, injection Foam board is more environmentally friendly, and skin-friendly,no damage to patient's skin or bedsores;it is more Lighter then the sponge and Will not absorb air,No odor after longtime repeat use for Elderly Bed Care Products . 
  • Best for nursing staff workers :our patient turning device aid will meet your needs for all kinds of Caregivers in hospital or home that is a excellent helper for family members and nursing staff to help patients Bedsore Paralyzed Patient change their posture, prevent bedsores, assist patients to exercise in bed, and successfully complete operations such as changing diapers and defecation. Shift Nursing Tool Elderly Turn Over 
  • Easy Clean And Fast Dry :open the zip and take out the Foam board one by one to wash by the Washing powder and put it under the sunlight just 10minutes it will dry very fast or hair drier to blow 5minutes ,the sponge will need one day at least .. The belt can be tied to the bedside to prevent the turning device cushion from falling, or help the patient fix a position. 
  • Scope of People :suitable for the elderly,cerebral paralysis palsy long-term sleepers, Stroke patients,Disabled,rehabilitation patients, and patients with limb motor dysfunction, and is suitable for the care of most children, adults and obese people. Not suitable for the thigh place above the knee,Only applicable to the place of knee and lower leg and There must be a support worker to help you turn over,Please do not Collision and extrusion with sharp hard objects,Do not touch any chemical liquids and flame.

SMERPHOX Turning Pillow

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