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SmartCore briefs combine the best and most technologically advanced features.

Soft, cloth-like material, Kufguards and breathable sides. Highly absorbent core backed by the "Peach Mat Guarantee"



  • Micro-hook closure tabs with finger lift tips
  • Breathable sides
  • Kufguards for leakage and bowel containment - Creates ideal micro-climate for dry, healthy skin
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Fewer changes


Sizing, Capacity and Packaging:

  • Small, 24"-32" w/h, 520 ml, 10/pk
  • Medium, 32"-44" w/h, 710 ml, 12/pk
  • Large, 45"-58" w/h, 810 ml, 12/pk
  • X-Large, 56"-64" w/h, 850 ml, 12/pk
  • XXL-Plus, 60"-80" w/h, 850 ml, 8/pk

Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs

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